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Newlywed Home Decor Ideas for Walls

Looking for a fun way to commenorate your newlywed status? We’ve picked out a few our of favorite newlywed home decor items from around the web. If you have purchased any of these let us know! We’d love to see how they look in your newlywed home. Newlywed Home Decor with Photos We love these picks for engagement photos, wedding photos or a combination of both. These are all from, and they make it super easy to upload and arrange your photos. 1. Illinois Love Location 2. All in the Details 3. Minimalist Quote Keepsake 4. I Do...

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Not into Typical Bridal Showers? 6 Non-Traditional Bridal Shower Ideas

Are you bored of the same-old showering-the-bride-with presents bridal shower? Do you want to make it a memorable day for the bride? Whether you are the mother of bride, the bride’s best friend or maid of honor, it can be bit difficult to plan a creative, fun non-traditional bridal shower if the bride is not keen of typical bridal showers. The key is that whoever you invite, irrespective of age should be able to enjoy.And your bride simply loves it! There are so many options that are a lot fun than traditional bridal showers. Here are the top 6:...

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9 Weddings Trends we Love in 2017!

Like all trends, wedding trends also come and go quite quickly. 2017 has been going quite well in wedding trends so far. This year we came across some really amazing wedding trends which we expect to last for some time. Here are the top 9 weddings trends for you: 1. Gold Accents: The traditional silveware is kind of out now. This is the time of gold accents. Gold looks really elegant in small doses. From crockery to décor, gold adds quite the magical element to wedding. Glassware, centerpieces and vases are trending in metallic like rose gold, metallic gold...

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Featured Vendor: Colonnades Club at Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium is not only home to the Fighting Illini football team, but also to exquisite event space overlooking Zuppke Field. Never before has Central Illinois had an opportunity to entertain like this! If you are looking to make an everlasting impression on your guests, consider holding your wedding at historical Memorial Stadium. Where are you located? 1402 South First Street, Champaign, IL 61820 — The Colonnades Club is located inside the west wing of Memorial Stadium.  Our mailing address is different though: 1700 South Fourth Street, Champaign, IL 61820. What type of wedding does your venue work best...

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7 Food Trucks for Your Wedding Reception

I love the idea of food trucks at a casual wedding! Guests can pick and choose what appeals to their taste buds at the time, there’s less hassle and usually less cost. While the Champaign-Urbana isn’t abundant with food trucks, we do have a few you can choose from — and they are awesome. Here are my ideas for Food Trucks at a wedding in Champaign: Dragon Fire Pizza Dragon Fire crafts delicious individual pizzas made with quality local ingredients in UNDER FIVE minutes. They are the first MOBILE wood-fired pizza oven in Champaign and travel around the county!...

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