Don’t get me wrong, jewelry as a bridesmaids gift not a terrible idea – but we can do better. Jewelry, like a bridesmaid dress, is typically geared toward the brides’ unique taste and may or may not be a “you can totally wear it again” item for all your bridesmaids. Here are eight awesome bridesmaids gifts.

Massage Gift Certificate as a Bridesmaid Gift


After a evening full of dancing, drinking and gorging on cake – the next best thing to a beach vacation and pain free body cleanse is a massage. Give you bridesmaids the gift of relaxation with a spa gift certificate. You can buy these in a variety of monetary sums on

Shop for Gift Cards on Spa Finder

Pay for Hair and Makeup as Bridesmaid Gift


If you want your bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, why not pay for one or both? It’s a nice gesture that will save them money on an already expensive day. It may not be the cutest gift ever, but they’ll probably love it even more.

Shawl or Wrap as a Bridesmaids Gift


You can never go wrong with a shawl or wrap as a bridesmaids gift… unless you’re having an outdoor wedding in middle of humid Midwest summer. At some point in the evening the air conditioning will be blowing right on your arms, or the weather will turned unexpectedly cool in early fall. A wrap will keep you bridesmaids appropriately warm and encourage dramatic dancing gestures.

For awesome, but pricey shawls, check out Nordstroms Wrap & Shawl Section.

For a less expensive option, keep an eye out on Jane. The inventory changes a lot, but I’ve seen a lot of shawls and wraps.

Champagne as a Bridesmaids Gift


As an aspiring adult, champagne is something I always strive to have in the house…but never do. So I can really appreciate it as a gift. Give your bridesmaids a nice bottle of champagne so they can keep it for the right moment. Granted, that moment may be at 3am in the hotel lobby – but at least you tried!

For a discount on cases, try Laithwaites Wine. You can get a case of 12 for as low as $140 (~ $11/bottle).

Toms as a Bridesmaids Gift


There is always one girl who forgets her flip flops and ends up barefoot on the dance floor. Save her feet please. I would recommend stepping it up a notch from flip flops — get Toms or Tieks for a bridesmaids gift. Your ladies will most certainly wear these again…assuming you stick to a solid, non-sparkly design.

Checkout Tom’s Classic Collection under $50.

Bare Necessities Silky Robe as Bridesmaid Gift


They are fun to get ready in, they make for cute pictures, and honestly, you can never have enough silky robes. I love, love, love this idea. You can get the robes at a variety of prices ranges, but I would suggest checking out Bare Necessities ($$) or Nordstroms ($$$) for good quality and somewhat moderate prices.

Engraved Flasks for Bridesmaids Gift


Groomsmen get flasks all the time – why not the ladies? We need our sneaky stash of wine or liquor too! Instead of a full name engraved on the flask, I would keep it simple and classy with just the initials.

Monogrammed Flasks start at around $23.00 at Flask Shop, and they offer bulk discounts.



Sunglasses are a super fun bridesmaids gift – especially if you spend a little extra to get a nice pair. Not only is it a useful gift, but it also provides another prop for usage during dramatic dancing.

Browse a variety of styles and price ranges at