Looking for a fun way to commenorate your newlywed status? We’ve picked out a few our of favorite newlywed home decor items from around the web. If you have purchased any of these let us know! We’d love to see how they look in your newlywed home.

Newlywed Home Decor with Photos

We love these picks for engagement photos, wedding photos or a combination of both. These are all from Minted.com, and they make it super easy to upload and arrange your photos.

Newlywed Home Decor Photos
1. Illinois Love Location
2. All in the Details
3. Minimalist Quote Keepsake
4. I Do

Newlywed Home Decor with Vows

Vows are an incredibly important part of every marriage. These items each let you incorporate your personal vows into the print. It’s a nice way to remind yourself every day of the promises you made.

Newlywed Home Decor Vows

5. Our Vows
6. How Do I Love Thee?
7. Your Vows as a Letterpress Art Print
8. Your Vows as a Foil Art Print


Newlywed Home Decor for Fun

We love the lightheartedness of these gifts! If you’re a more playful soul, we think you’ll like these picks. We are personally big fans of the wine rack. We found it at Etsy, but I’m sure you could also DIY this!

Newlywed Home Decor Fun

9. For Like Ever Print
10. Newlywed Wooden Wine Rack
11. Cotton Wreath Print
12. Custom Wedding Sign


What did you pick out for you newlywed decor?
We’d love to hear – Comment Below!