Are you bored of the same-old showering-the-bride-with presents bridal shower? Do you want to make it a memorable day for the bride? Whether you are the mother of bride, the bride’s best friend or maid of honor, it can be bit difficult to plan a creative, fun non-traditional bridal shower if the bride is not keen of typical bridal showers.

The key is that whoever you invite, irrespective of age should be able to enjoy.And your bride simply loves it! There are so many options that are a lot fun than traditional bridal showers.

Here are the top 6:

1.    A Weekend Trip:

Weddings are stressful and the as the big day approaches, the nerves are raw with stress and emotion. If the bridal group isn’t too big, plan a trip with the bride instead of a bridal shower.  You don’t have to take a far trip just out of the city, rent a cottage. Weekend trips are short, fun and more personal.

2.    Hold an Open House:

This is quite a fashionable trend nowadays. Open house parties mean the party goes on all day and people can come and go as they please. You could have snacks and drinks. Hand out some personalized gifts. They guests would surely love not being stuck for long hours on a Sunday afternoon.

3.    Goddess Circle on New Moon:

A mystical and fun event, this can be arranged in a spacious garden or a beautiful beach. You could add the bonfire element into it too, a great idea for the bride to enjoy with her loved ones sharing memories and relaxing.

4.    Spa Party:

What is more relaxing than a soothing spa? The bride and the bridesmaid can have a spa party rather than a bridal shower. You could get a massage to soothe the nerves and get an aromatherapy facial. Some spas even give spa treatment at home. It is the ideal option to relieve some if the wedding jitters and stress.

5.    Bridal Shower Cooking Class:

Food brings people together. By having a bridal shower cooking class, all the guests can get to know each other during a fun cooking class. Hire a chef to come and teach some quick yum recipes which you can try right away. The ladies would love to learn something new and it’s a great way to meet with people. Have a sit down meal and enjoy your own cooked food with wine.

6.    High Tea:

High Tea is a total pleasure with friends and family. It could be a fun and unique bridal shower.  You can host it at your place or book a table at some good restaurant.  If your budget allows, indulge in a Sunday brunch for some free drinks and great food!

No matter what idea you choose, your guests and the bride would sure have a memorable time! It is a special event so make sure you introduce everyone and see that the bride is relaxed and everyone is having a good time.