On the fence about hiring a wedding planner for your upcoming wedding? It may seem like an easy cost to cut on the surface, but we’re here to help you carefully consider all the ways a wedding planner may help you have a stress-free, easy wedding day. Here are our top ten reasons you should hire a wedding day coordinator!

10. Saves Time

In a Forbes poll, the majority of women spent 10 hours a week on planning their wedding. Do you have an extra ten hours a week to dedicate to wedding planning? A planner will save you lots of time by researching vendors, confirming and organizing the particulars of the event, and even help you design creatives day-of ideas.

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9. Saves Money

Wedding planners have spent their career networking and forming relationships that will ultimately benefit you! They can provide you with incredible vendor referrals and negotiate the best discounts.

8. Saves Relationships

Seriously. Your wedding day is a celebration for both you AND the ones you love. When you hire a wedding planner, you take stress off the family members and friends who are usually given the responsibility of making sure your day flows smoothly. The planner becomes the buffer and handles all the stressful situations, so you and your family can sit back and relax.

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7. Turns Your Vision > Reality

From country chic to vintage elegance, a wedding planner can turn your wedding vision into a reality. They know where to find the right supplies and display it to achieve your dream wedding day.

6. Offers Input

Wedding planners have attended LOTS of weddings, so they know what works and what doesn’t. They can also help you with answers to the hard questions, like what should your bridesmaids pay for a dress?

5. Vendor Point of Contact

Don’t ever deal with a vendor again. Your wedding planner will handle all the follow ups, confirmations and little details with your vendors so you can focus on finding the perfect dress or buying unqiue bridesmaids gifts.

4. Creates Timeline

A wedding planner will develop a wedding day timeline to ensure your event runs smoothly. Just picture Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner with her little clipboard. Your planner is on it.

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3. Handles Problems

Did you DJ show up late? With a wedding planner, you wouldn’t even know it until two weeks later. They will take care of all the behind-the-scene issues from late vendors to crazy bridesmaid issues.

2. Organizes Event Flow

From the rehearsal dinner to the last dance, a wedding planner will be standing cooling in the background making your wedding appear seamless. They’ll handle setup and tear down of decor, vendor arrivals, bridal party line up, family disputes and much more!

1. Stress Relief

Most importantly, your wedding planner’s number one job is to make your wedding stress free. Rest easy at night without worrying about whether or not your confirmed the final head count with the caterer.


Did you hire a wedding planner? Was it worth it?


Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Day Coordinator

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