We sat down with Blake Ransom, from Ransom Wedding Films, to pick his experienced brain about the Do’s and Don’ts of Weddings. After many years as a Wedding Videographer  in Central Illinois, he’s certainly seen what it takes to have a smooth wedding day.


Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Your Wedding Day

    • Don’t sweat the small the stuff. Or the big stuff that doesn’t go as planned either! Remember this your day, however it goes down. Try to enjoy it even if things don’t go as planned because nothing ever goes completely perfect. Your attitude through the rough parts makes or breaks the day!
    • Remember that your photos and video are really the only pieces that you get to keep after it’s all said and done. Do that crazy shot that might get the bottom of your dress dirty and sneak out of the reception to get that sunset shot even if you’re tired of doing photos and want to enjoy the party. I promise, it will be worth it!
    • If you’re having an outdoor wedding/reception be just as happy with rain or shine. If you have a back up choice make sure you’re still in love with that idea, too! We see too many brides that are disappointed with the weather when it is out everyone’s control!
    • Tell whoever is giving a speech at your wedding that short and to the point is better. That goes for everyone making a speech, dads too!!  Listening to a bunch of inside jokes that nobody in the crowd but 3 people understands or rambling gets boring fast!
    • Tell your guests to be mindful of the creatives you guys hired. Every wedding there is “that guest” that gets in the video trying to continue his/her non-existent photography/video career. Professional shots should be beat out the Facebook/Instagram picture every single time.

We had to sneak in a video Blake shot for Lauren & Adam at Pear Tree Estates in Champaign!  How beautiful did this turn out?  If you want to capture your special day on video, be sure to contact Blake at info@ransomphoto.net or visit his website: http://www.ransomweddingfilms.com.

  • Choose a photographer that you are equally as happy with their personality as their work. They are so important on a wedding day, not only because you spend a lot of time with them, but also they call most of the shots.
  • Allow plenty of time between events for photos and video. Being rushed only stresses you out! There is nothing bad about having a little extra down time with your bridal party and/or your partner!
  • Consider a reveal.  I know it’s not for everyone, but it makes the bride and groom so much more relaxed! Also, a major bonus is you get to spend a lot more of the wedding day together.
  • At the reception get all the formal stuff done right away and quick.  Yes, they are still important, but the guests get tired and nothing is as bad as a dead dance floor when you’re ready to party!
  • There are a lot of fun ways to start the dancing for your guests. Make sure to discuss options with your creatives, wedding planner, and DJ. If you’re doing a garter/bouquet toss don’t interrupt the open dance floor to do so. It’s tough enough to get everyone out there!


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