This is a guest post from the team at I Do Events with offices in Peoria, Champaign and Quad Cities.

So you’re newly engaged, and wedding bells will soon be ringing, but with a new ring comes great responsibility especially when dealing with wedding planning, so our team here at I DO has some pointers to help you decide on whether to rent or to buy!

Transform your wedding with decor

Tip #1: Transformation

You may be saving money on using linens already included in the venue package, but you may find them to be a dull, transparent, wrinkled, or has other wear & tear from previous events. Sure; you’ll save a little more money with that option, but your wedding will more than likely look like a carbon copy of other events. Standout by renting higher quality linens that will better fit your color scheme!

Wedding Decor: When to Rent vs. When to Buy

Tip #2: Quality

Speaking of quality; you may opt to save some bucks by purchasing from other lesser known sites, but you’ll often find that the “hanger appeal” is more attractive and practical than it is in real life! They sometimes arrive in a weird off-color, wrinkled, or poorly made. Save yourself the frustration by renting from an esteemed company that have linens on hand, so you can see it in person. We offer free consultation for this very reason. Book an appointment either in PeoriaChampaign, and also the Quad Cities!

Blue Theme Weddings - I Do Events

Blue Theme Weddings – I Do Events

Tip #3: Shipping & Extra Counts

Surprisingly; an average wedding uses as much as 200lbs of fabric, so the weight can drastically increase the shipping cost, and sometimes it can even be more than the items themselves! Also; you must consider that things happen (i.e.; accidents or more guests show up than expected), so you always have to buffer your final counts or you run the risk of not having enough to complete the look. So while the base price may be cheaper the shipping may end up costing you more in the long run. Save yourself a freak out session on your big day by renting because our team is prepared for those unexpected last minute shortages!

16' Curved Accents - I Do Events

16′ Curved Accents – I Do Events

Tip #4: Prep Work & Setup

Still not convinced to rent? Purchased linens arrive in small compressed packaging, which means countless hours of ironing & rehanging. If you have a large wedding then you have to consider ways in which to best transport them. Plus; more often than not; you or your family will be responsible for the entire setup as most venues only provide that service with their own linens. After everything is over; you have to spend the extra time or money to tear them down yourself, launder them & get them ready to be resold! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to deal with hardened gum, wax, and wine stains. If there’s irreparable damage then forget about getting your money back! So save yourself a lot of sweat equity by just renting out your linens and décor items because in the end; you’ll be glad you did!


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